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Aboriginal client service specialists

TitleAboriginal client service specialists
AgencyNew South Wales. Dept. of Justice and Attorney General;
DescriptionThe program seeks to improve the quality of court related services for Aboriginal victims, court users and their families. ACSS roles can vary slightly differently across locations, in response to local circumstances. ACSS are based within the local court in the communities where they are located. The objectives of the program are: to ensure that Aboriginal defendants, victims and families understand the outcome of their court matter; to improve community awareness and understanding of court processes; to improve community awareness and accessibility of justice related support services, including victims services, time to pay applications, mediation and civil court services; to improve the capacity of non Aboriginal staff to provide culturally competent services to Aboriginal clients; and to improve relationships between Aboriginal people and courts. In addition to front-line client service, ACSS also facilitate community education sessions and provide outreach services that take the court services out to a community setting and allow clients to access support within their own communities, rather than in the court.
Date commenced1995
StatusIn progress
Target groupAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander only;
State / territoryNew South Wales;
Subject(s)Courts and sentencing; Legal services; Program;
EvaluationThe ACSS program was evaluated in 2005 and the following achievements were noted: a reduction in the number of 'fail to appears' in courts with ACSS officers; registry staff reporting a reduction in conflict between Aboriginal clients and staff; a high le; vel of support from key stakeholders, including police, legal professionals and magistrates.;