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Murri Court

TitleMurri Court
AgencyQueensland. Dept. of Justice and Attorney-General;
DescriptionThe Murri Court is a Queensland Magistrates Court which deals with sentencing Indigenous offenders. The Murri Court takes into account cultural issues by providing a forum where Aboriginal,and Torres Strait Islanders have an input into the sentencing process. The Murri Court principles tie in with s.9(2)(o) of the Penalties and Sentences Act 1992 and s.150 of the Juvenile Justices Act 1992. The aim of the court is to reduce the over-representation of Indigenous offenders in prison, improve attendance rates in court, and decrease the re-offending rate and number of court orders breached by indigenous offenders. The Murri Court is presided over by a magistrate, assisted by Elders who provide cultural advice to the magistrate.
Date commenced2002
StatusIn progress
Target groupAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander only;
State / territoryQueensland;
Subject(s)Customary law; Courts and sentencing; Corrections; Criminal justice system; Program;
EvaluationThe Department of Justice and Attorney-General has commissioned the Australian Institute of Criminology to evaluate the court.;