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Alcohol management plans

TitleAlcohol management plans
AgencyQueensland. Dept. of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy;
DescriptionAlcohol Management Plans (AMPs) are in place in 18 Indigenous communities in Queensland. AMPs are developed by community justice groups for each community. An AMP contains recommendations about how to reduce alcohol-related crime and violence in the community. The plans may contain recommendations for declaring all or part of a community area a restricted area or a dry place.
Funding sourceQueensland. Dept. of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy;
StatusIn progress
Target groupAboriginal and Torres Strait Islander only;
State / territoryQueensland;
Subject(s)Drugs and alcohol; Crime prevention; Community development; Health; Social conditions; Program;
EvaluationThe Queensland Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy (DATSIP) is currently undertaking a review of the effectiveness of Alcohol Management Plans since inception. Details of the review are not available for publication.;