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In the dataset register you will find links to some key datasets relevant to Indigenous justice.

Types of data

The major sources of data in crime and justice research are administrative data and surveys. Administrative data are produced as a byproduct of government administrative processes. Administrative data usually contain minimum client and service information. These data can be used for example, to examine case flow through the criminal justice system. As the collection is designed for administrative purposes, the data are not designed to answer research questions such as the precursors to involvement in crime or the risk factors involved. In contrast to administrative data, surveys are designed to answer specific research questions.

Data collections can be at the population level and may be used to establish baseline information about demographic and socioeconomic characteristics and to monitor changes over time or may be at the program level.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has identified 'improved crime and justice statistics about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people' as a priority area for development.

Summary Reports

Reports which bring together and analyse data and research about Indigenous justice can be found in the Research and Evaluations section of this website, or by using the Search function.


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