Breaking the silence : creating the future : addressing child sexual assault in Aboriginal communities in NSW


The Aboriginal Child Sexual Assault Taskforce was established in 2003. ACSAT’s primary aims for this report were to examine child sexual assault in Aboriginal communities, review how government and non-government agencies in New South Wales respond, and make recommendations about how these responses could be improved. Information for the report was gathered from: a review of literature and relevant research; written submissions, and other information, from government agencies; written submissions from non-government agencies and individuals; consultations with Aboriginal communities across NSW; and, consultations with government and non-government agencies. The starting point for analysis was current research into child sexual assault in Aboriginal communities, the Aboriginal community’s perspective of child sexual assault and the issues they identified with current service responses. This perspective was then matched with services provided by government and non-government agencies and gaps and barriers were documented. The review has also revealed a comprehensive government system of child protection and criminal justice that has many barriers and gaps in the way services are provided to Aboriginal people. These barriers and gaps are rendering this response ineffective for most Aboriginal people who are seeking help to deal with child sexual assault. ACSAT has formulated many recommendations that aim to overcome these barriers to access and eliminate service gaps. Once implemented, these measures will allow both the government and the community to work together more effectively, and provide more positive outcomes to Aboriginal people. In addition, a new model needs to be developed which makes an effective, cooperative response to child sexual assault available that is community driven and works with government agencies in genuine partnership.

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