Ending family violence and abuse in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities : Key issues : An overview of research and findings by the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, 2001-2006


Family violence and abuse is causing untold damage to the cultures and fabric of Indigenous societies. Like all Australians, Indigenous peoples are entitled to live their lives in safety and full human dignity without fear of intimidation, family violence or abuse, and are also entitled to the full and equal protection of the law. The Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission is committed to working towards ending family violence in Indigenous communities. This paper summarises the main findings from HREOC research and consultations relating to family violence and abuse in Indigenous communities conducted from 2001-2006. The paper includes extracts from various reports, submissions and other materials (organised thematically), which can be used as a reference tool for government officials, researchers and Indigenous communities. The paper seeks to ensure that any program responses to family violence in Indigenous communities are built on solid evidence and facts. It demonstrates how violence relates to almost every aspect of policy making and service delivery to Indigenous communities. Addressing family violence will also require partnerships with Indigenous peoples and communities, and much of the work presented in this paper is the result of consultation with Indigenous peoples themselves.

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