Evaluation of the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Justice Agreement was developed by the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Board (ATSIAB) and the Queensland Government. It was signed by the Premier, four Ministers and the Chair and members of ATSIAB on 19 December 2000. The Agreement lasts until 2011. In December 2004 the Queensland Government invited tenders for an independent evaluation of the Agreement in terms of its outcomes and possible future directions. The long term aim of the Justice Agreement is to reduce Indigenous contact with the criminal justice system to parity with the non-Indigenous rate. The evaluation presented in this report is the first independent evaluation of the Justice Agreement. It aimed to assess the effectiveness of the Justice Agreement in meeting its reduced incarceration goals; assess the performance of government agencies in meeting their commitments to the Justice Plan; identify positive initiatives (best practice) and blockages or shortcomings which need to be addressed; and identify additional or alternative strategies that will assist in meeting the outcomes of the Justice Agreement.

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