Footprints in Time : The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children - Key Summary Report from Wave 1


The Longitudinal Study of Indigenous Children (also known as LSIC and Footprints in Time) study collects important information about the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, covering areas including: the children’s physical and mental health; the children’s families; the children’s communities; and services such as child care, education, health and other services used by the child’s family. Major life events such as problems with police, substance abuse and experience of violent are considered. It is an Australian government-funded survey which provides detailedquantitative and qualitative data. Data collection began in 2008 with two groups of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander children aged 0 to 18 months and 3½ to 5 years. 1,680 families were interviewed initially, with follow up interviews carried out annually with 1,200 parents and children. The project website provides more information, later reports and data.

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