National drug strategy : Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples complementary plan 2003-2009


The National Drug Strategy – Australia’s Integrated Framework 2004-2009 was set up to improve health, and social and economic outcomes by reducing use of harmful drugs. It is an umbrella framework under which national plans tackling alcohol, tobacco andillicit drugs and education about drugs have been formed. This complementary plan has been researched and written to complement the issues raised in these national plans and make them more applicable to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Itsits between the national framework and the individual national action plans. It is not prescriptive but rather sets the national direction, encouraging careful attention to the needs of Indigenous Australians. The plan provides an opportunity for communities, non-government organisations, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community-controlled organisations and all levels of government to pursue strategies that are specifically relevant to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and appropriate to their circumstances, needs and aspirations. The plans include a background and rationale covering historical and demographic issues, roles and responsibilities, health care, institutional and partnership issues, and performance measures. They outline key result areas giving objectives, action areas and examples of actions. (Summary introduction, edited.)