Pornography awareness : a process of engagement with Northern Territory Indigenous communities


In 2007, concerns about the exposure of Indigenous children to pornography and links between the use of pornography and sexual abuse of children led the Northern Territory Attorney-General to approach the (NT Justice about developing a media classification awareness and education campaign for Indigenous communities. NT Justice undertook a series of consultations, particularly with Indigenous men, to provide input into the messages to be delivered through the campaign, the appropriate target audiences, critical success factors, risks and sensitivities, and the development of a communications strategy. As an element of its campaign strategy, NT Justice engaged the Australian Institute of Criminology to undertake a review of the education campaign. The process review drew on evaluation and review methodologies and good practice principles from other community education and awareness campaigns. This report considers whether the NT Justice campaign had the capacity to meet its objectives and identifies improvements that could be made to this, or related campaigns, in the future. The review concluded that the NT Justice media classification and awareness education campaign was innovative, grounded in good practice principles and was in accordance with evidence-based criteria for the implementation of related community service programs.

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