Senate Select Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities: First report


The Senate Select Committee on Regional and Remote Indigenous Communities was established in March 2008 and is required to report to the Senate twice yearly until the end of the current parliament on four broad issues. These include the impact of state and territory government policies on the wellbeing of regional and remote Indigenous communities, the health, welfare, education and security of children in these communities, employment and enterprise opportunities as well as the effectiveness of Commonwealth Government policies following the Northern Territory Emergency Response. This is the first of an anticipated five reports. The committee has made no recommendations in its first report due to the complexity of the issues and the fact that no public hearings have yet been held. The report reflects the wide ranging concerns of Indigenous communities and other interested parties outlined in the submissions and also observed during site visits in Western Australia. It has been structured into seven chapters, with the first two chapters outlining the inquiry process, terms of reference, general background and context for the inquiry. The next four chapters focus separately on each of the four terms of reference of the inquiry, discussing the major issues raised in submissions under each respective term of reference as well as relevant issues and concerns observed by the committee during its site visits to the Kimberley region in Western Australia. The final chapter summarises the committee’s view and proposes issues and areas of concern for further investigation. The chapters also provide observations and commentary on issues which the committee believes require immediate attention and which have arisen during the initial phase of the committee’s inquiry.

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