Sex offender treatment programs : Effectiveness of prison and community based programs in Australia and New Zealand


This study examines the evaluation results from eight treatment programs for adults and five treatment programs for adolescents who sexually offend in Australia and New Zealand. New Zealand has a number of long-running prison and community based treatment programs for adults and adolescents who sexually offend, most of which have been evaluated. In Australia, treatment programs are available for adult, adolescent and Indigenous sex offenders, however little information is available on the scope and efficacy of such programs. Findings from these evaluations suggest that twelve out of the thirteen programs were effective in reducing sexual recidivism. In New Zealand, findings indicate that the incorporation of traditional and holistic forms of treatment is more effective for reducing sexual recidivism amongst Indigenous offenders. In Australia, the effectiveness of Indigenous programs in Australia is yet to be determined. While the number of community based programs in Australia has increased in recent years, further evaluation research needs to be conducted in this area.

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