Strengthening on-the-ground service provision for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims / Survivors of family violence and sexual assault in Victoria


The Aboriginal Family Violence Prevention and Legal Service Victoria (FVPLS) released a series of three policy papers directed at drawing focus to Aboriginal women and children as victims and survivors of family violence and sexual assault. The three policy papers look at strengthening law and justice outcomes, strengthening service provisions, and improving accessibility to the legal system. The FVPLS aims to provide women’s voices on issues of vast inequality affecting Aboriginal women and children that have been more than established in the literature. This paper introduces the associate services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander victims of family violence and sexual assault and how they may be improved in the Victorian context. The FVPLS aims to acknowledge the importance of local strategy developments which account for the diversity of ATSI communities and the importance of providing ATSI women and children with the opportunity to inform service delivery and legal reform developments. The paper outlines access to legal services for women and children, Victorian legal aid, after hours services and a variety of other initiatives currently in place, giving breadth to stated need to strengthen collaboration of state and Commonwealth governments for the improvement of these services for Aboriginal women and children who are victims and survivors of family violence.

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