Thematic review of court security and custodial services in Western Australia


This is a review of services provided under the Court Security and Custodial Services Act 1999 by the public and private sectors. Contract services are currently provided by a subsidiary of G4S Australia Ltd. As services at the District Court and Central Law Courts are delivered under a separate contract, they are assessed in a separate report. The most significant issue in the report concerns the death of an Aboriginal elder, Mr Ward, while being transported from a police station to prison in extreme temperatures in the north of the state. Noting that this has been the subject of a coronial inquiry, this report reviews and welcomes actions taken since the coronial inquiry, but also that several had also been made by earlier recommendations of the Inspector. This review highlights issues of cell design, custodial transport, including contract management, inadequate provision for medical escorts, aspects of the contractor’s staff management practices, substandard police lockups, and juvenile transport. Overall, the performance of the contract has improved over the past 12 months, including the response to issues raised by Mr Ward’s death.

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