Community development

This brief provides an analysis of Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs); a relatively new instrument joining the extensive range of regulations relating to alcohol supply and consumption. AMPs vary in design […]

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In August 2006, the Northern Territory Government created the Board of Inquiry into the Protection of Aboriginal Children from Sexual Abuse to research and report on allegations of sexual abuse […]

This report presents reviews the effectiveness of ADVOs in protecting victims of domestic violence. Included in the report is a brief overview of current research on the protective effectiveness of […]

This report, undertaken by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, describes the key findings of the Offending Persons Across the Lifecourse (OPAL) project which examines the risks and needs of Queensland’s […]

This report documents and evaluates the work undertaken by the Broken Hill and Menindee Rural Crisis Intervention Projects in finding community solutions to Aboriginal family violence. The report presents referral […]

Justice reinvestment is an emerging approach to addressing expanding prison populations. The merits of the justice reinvestment approach adopted in the United States and the United Kingdom to divert funding […]

Authors: Fitzgerald, Tony

This article summarises the findings of the Cape York Justice Study, conducted by Justice Fitzgerald, and sets out many of its recommendations. The study was required to examine the causes, […]

Authors: Gordon, Sue

This paper is the keynote address presented at the sixth Annual Colloquium of the International Centre for the Prevention of Crime held in 2006. Focusing on Indigenous communities, the author […]

In their 2012 brief for the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse, Kyllie Cripps and Megan Davis described a range of programs to reduce Indigenous family violence. They concluded that Indigenous communities are […]

The aim of this review is to inform a community education and social marketing strategy to improve the safety and wellbeing of children in the Northern Territory (NT). Examining national […]