Drugs and alcohol

The aim of this project was to examine and report on the impact of various alcohol control measures on levels of alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia for […]

Authors: Wood, Darryl

This report considers research on the problem of crime resulting from alcohol and other drug abuse in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. It provides a review of published […]

The two legal aid services undertook research into policing under the Northern Territory intervention, particularly in a group of 14 communities that were provided with a police station. They found […]

Engaging Aboriginal communities in the context of family violence, drug and alcohol use in rural and remote Aboriginal communities is a huge topic. In this paper, the author focuses on […]

For years community groups in Alice Springs, including the People’s Alcohol Action Coalition (PAAC), attempted to gain the agreement of the NT Licensing Commission to trial reduced takeaway trading hours […]

This literature review was undertaken as part of a larger project concerned with the development of resources to enhance the education and training of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers […]

Publishers: Department of Justice

This discussion paper sets out a series of possible amendments to the ‘Alcohol Court Act 2005 (NT)’, as well as other Northern Territory initiatives, in order to address the full […]

This paper provides detailed information to support the key strategy areas identified in the ‘National Alcohol Strategy 2001 to 2003-04’, and provides a resource document for those interested in developing […]

This brief provides an analysis of Alcohol Management Plans (AMPs); a relatively new instrument joining the extensive range of regulations relating to alcohol supply and consumption. AMPs vary in design […]

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Authors: Brady, Maggie

This article discusses the Federal Government’s intervention into the Northern Territory Aboriginal communities in the context of public policy regulating the supply and consumption of alcohol in Indigenous contexts. Alcohol […]