The mission of the Northern Territory Correctional Service is to contribute to the overall government approach of building safer communities through providing safe, secure, humane custody, while reducing crime through […]

Authors: Harris, Mark
Publishers: Department of Justice

The Koori Court first sat at Shepparton on 7 October 2002, following the passage of the Magistrates’ Court (Koori Court) Act 2002. Six months later the Broadmeadows Koori Court commenced […]

In Canberra, members of the Indigenous population are five times more likely to be affected by family violence than the non-Indigenous population. The purpose of this study is to examine […]

This article critically analyses the role that criminological theory and specific policy formulations of culture play in the New Zealand state’s response to the over-representation of Maori in the criminal […]

Authors: McAsey, Bridget

The Koori Court Division of the Magistrates’ Court in Victoria has been in operation since 2002, and in many ways reflects an innovative and progressive approach to the problems Aboriginal […]

Authors: Waite, Graham

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments signed an agreement on 27 July 2000 to enable the diversion of juveniles from the criminal justice system and to provide for joint funding […]

The aim of this project was to examine and report on the impact of various alcohol control measures on levels of alcohol consumption and related harm in Central Australia for […]

As a result of the adopted model of the Family Home Visiting, in which nurses conduct home visits with Indigenous Cultural Consultants for Aboriginal clients in South Australia, all families […]

The report sets out to comprehensively analyse major reviews and evaluations of programs relevant to Indigenous labour market outcomes, including national mainstream and Indigenous-specific policies. This report critically reviews evaluations […]

Authors: Legal Aid NSW

This is a recent evaluation of a program that provided legal assistance to Aboriginal women leaving custody to obtain housing in NSW. The report identifies the importance of housing to […]