Juvenile justice

Authors: Cunneen, Chris

While there have been some progressive changes in Australian juvenile justice in recent years including developments in youth justice conferencing, more consistent and widely available diversionary options, and a longer […]

Authors: Nelson, Paul

This report outlines research undertaken to identify prolific offenders and their characteristics. It identified Indigenous offenders as a group significantly more likely to be prolific offenders. As prolific offenders make […]

The Committee received evidence relating to children and young people in juvenile justice centres. This chapter of the Committee’s report covers the legislative framework for young offenders throughout Australia; numbers […]

Authors: Snowball, Lucy

Conferencing and cautioning are used as diversionary alternatives in the juvenile justice system and there is evidence to suggest they reduce reoffending. As Indigenous young people are overrepresented in the […]

Publishers: Australian Institute of Criminology, Trends and Issues, 557

This article reports on a study undertaken in three Indigenous communities in the West Kimberley region of Western Australia (WA) intended to develop diversionary strategies for young people with fetal […]

Twenty years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody the report by the Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs focuses on prevention and early intervention […]

This report provides a national profile of diversionary processes at different stages of the juvenile justice system across Australia. The study involved site visits to each state and territory, and […]

This report provides a national profile of mentoring programs for young offenders or young people at risk of offending, based on an audit and review of 21 projects. The report […]


Funded by the Federal Attorney General’s Department, the Indigenous Community Night Patrol Evaluation Project reviewed, evaluated and compared Indigenous community night patrol initiatives in Western Australia and New South Wales, […]

This evaluation considers the first three years of operation of the Juvenile Pre-Court Diversion Scheme the Aboriginal Interpreter Service (AIS) in the Northern Territory. The programs are funded jointly by […]