Land rights

Authors: Debus, Bob

This is an edited version of the Hon. Bob Debus’ Society of Labor Lawyers Annual lecture in memory of Frank Walker. In it, Mr Debus reflects on changes in the […]

This article reports on the High Court hearing of the Blue Mud Bay case in early December 2007. The legal question tested in this case is whether Northern Territory fishers […]

Authors: Grey, Alexandra

This article questions whether offshore native title claims are presenting discrete conceptual and practical obstacles for the judiciary. Its aim is to chart the proverbial waters and provide an overview […]

Authors: Taylor, John

There is a compelling need for fresh perspective on the policy implications of Indigenous demographic trends. Current frameworks for considering the structural situation of Indigenous peoples are increasingly focused on […]

Authors: Keating, Paul

In this speech launching the United Nations International Year for the World’s Indigenous People, delivered in Redfern on 10 December 1992, the Australian Prime Minister argues that reconciliation with Australia’s […]

Authors: Altman, Jon

In June 2007, the Prime Minister of Australia and the Minister for Indigenous Affairs declared a ‘national emergency’ with eleven measures aimed at combating child abuse and dysfunction in Indigenous […]

Publishers: James Cook University

This lecture explores the barriers to achieving the vision of Aboriginal rights to land that were articulated in the Mabo case. These include the re-conceptualising of native title as a […]


The Victorian Government Aboriginal Affairs Report is a chance to consider how we have tracked against out commitment to improving outcomes for Aboriginal Victorias as measured against the Victorian Aboriginal […]