Authors: Kelly, Vince

The Northern Territory Police Force launch an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the deaths in custody of Terrance Briscoe. Terrance was admitted to the Alice Springs Police Watch House for […]

The two legal aid services undertook research into policing under the Northern Territory intervention, particularly in a group of 14 communities that were provided with a police station. They found […]

There have been many varied approaches over time to engage Aboriginal people as a part of the police service. One such has been creating Indigenous liaison officers to act as […]

Publishers: NSW Police

The Aboriginal Strategic Direction 2012-2017 is the overarching policy document developed to guide the NSW Police Force in its management of Aboriginal issues. It supersedes the Aboriginal Strategic Direction 2007-2011. […]

This report presents reviews the effectiveness of ADVOs in protecting victims of domestic violence. Included in the report is a brief overview of current research on the protective effectiveness of […]

This report, undertaken by the Crime and Misconduct Commission, describes the key findings of the Offending Persons Across the Lifecourse (OPAL) project which examines the risks and needs of Queensland’s […]


This section of the report covers crime, safety and justice issues in Indigenous communities. The section discusses various models of cooperative justice, including the Koori Court in Victoria and circle […]

The Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory National Partnership Agreement ceased on the 30 June 2012. This is the last Monitoring Report published under this agreement. It provides data […]

This Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory Monitoring Report brings together performance information for each ‘Closing the Gap’ measure from 31 December 2011 to 1 July 2012. However, in […]

Provides data collected between June and December of 2009 on the Northern Territory Emergency Response to reports of abuse and neglect against children, represented in The Little Children are Sacred […]