Authors: Henry, Ken

This paper, which was presented as the closing keynote address to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Conference held in 2007, reflects on the conference theme of ‘diversity and […]

Authors: Tomison, Adam M

The aim of this report is to provide an overview of current issues for Australian child protection systems, and in particular to inform the child protection review being undertaken in […]

In the United Nations Development Programme Gender-related Development Index, Australia ranks in the top five across 179 countries, suggesting that women are achieving similar outcomes to men in life expectancy, […]


Guided by the National Agreement and the ACT Agreement, the ACT Government has collaborated with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community to undertake a range of important projects. While […]

Authors: Courage Partners

Federal Government funding was provided for the Youth in Communities (YIC) program for 2009/10 – 2011/12 under the Closing the Gap in the Northern Territory National Partnership Agreement. The YIC […]

This report explores the experiences and aspirations of youth in Wadeye, a remote Aboriginal community in the Northern Territory which has become synonymous with the deviant behaviours of its young […]

This report details the findings of an inquiry by the Select Committee on Youth Suicides in the Northern Territory into the high rate of youth suicide in the Northern Territory […]

Authors: Auty, Kate

The Shepparton Koori Court has just completed its first two years of operation, and has been subject to a high level of scrutiny and observation for the purposes of evaluation. […]

Authors: Higgins, Daryl J

This paper examines child abuse and neglect in Indigenous communities from a societal perspective, applying a community development framework to understand effective strategies for reducing risks and enhancing children’s safety […]

Aboriginal young people are fundamental to the continued vitality of Aboriginal identity, but often experience poor health, boredom, and inconsistent care from family members. To address such problems, regular ongoing […]