Access Keys

Access keys allow users to navigate to key elements of the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse website using the keyboard. This can be of assistance to users with motor skill difficulties and a convenience for all.

  • 1 – Takes you to the Homepage.
  • 3 – Takes you to the Contact Us page.
  • 4 – Focuses the search form.
  • 0 – Takes you to this Accessibility page.

Access keys can be used by pressing the Alt key on your keyboard and one of the above numbers at the same time. e.g. pressing Alt 1 will take you to the homepage.

High Contrast Mode

To help make the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse website a friendlier experience for users with colour blindness and other visual impairments, we provide a high contrast mode. This can be switched to by using the toggle ( Toggle Contrast) button in the top right hand corner of the page.

Resizing Text

You can resize the text on the Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse website (or any website) by using your web browser’s built in keyboard controls. To zoom in, press Ctrl + and to zoom out, press Ctrl - (on OSX, substitute Ctrl with Cmd).