ALS/LJF Mapping tool for finalised matters before the courts

July 19 2018

Subjects: Legal services

The Law and Justice Foundation has developed a new database for the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd to assist with planning their Criminal Law Practice services.

About the project
In 2018, the Aboriginal Legal Service (NSW/ACT) Ltd approached the Foundation to explore options for:

  • studying and mapping the geographic distribution of matters coming before the different types of courts across NSW
  • analysing and reporting on how data might be used to assess demand for services and assist with service planning.

The Foundation sourced Criminal Court statistics on finalised matters with Aboriginal defendants from BOCSAR to develop a proxy to indicate potential demand for ALS Criminal Law Practice services in NSW.* The data was processed to create a database and generate maps.

The tool can be used to display the number of finalised matters (and changes across the five years) by court type (Local, District, Children’s) and court location in NSW. You can also search by ALS Office, or by ALS Region or ALS cluster. The purpose of the tool is to help the ALS plan to meet demand for their Criminal Law Practice services.
Data is available from Tableau Public. No software is required to access the Tableau dashboards.