A range of legislative models for the delivery of child welfare services to Indigenous communities have developed in a number of countries within different historical and political contexts. In each […]

Publishers: University of Ottawa

This paper explores the challenges of crime prevention through social development in those Aboriginal communities in Canada that are commonly associated with cross-border activities that comprise a central element of […]

Authors: Young, Mandy

Using the Canadian model of circle healing, especially for child sexual abuse cases, this presentation contains a series of talking points that draw on current research into cultural healing, and […]

Authors: Libesman, Terri

This paper provides a review of child welfare legislation and services delivered to Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. While some of the issues and […]

This report provides background notes for two workshops associated with the 2009 Community safety and indigenous peoples conference in Ottawa. Topics for the first workshop, on the main trends and […]

This paper provides a brief overview of current policies, strategies and projects relating to crime prevention among Indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. The report […]

Authors: Bartels, Lorana

This paper presents a brief overview of the key diversion programs for Indigenous women currently in operation in Australia, with reference to relevant developments in New Zealand and Canada. It […]

First Nations, Métis and Inuit Children and Youth: Time to Act provides a portrait of Aboriginal peoples from the perspective of the communities and social connections on which children and […]

This report outlines the findings of a review of Correctional Services Canada’s progress in meeting its strategic plans and obligations pertaining to the Aboriginal offending population in certain key areas. […]

Family violence mars the lives of a very large number of Indigenous Australians, helping to effectively disable many communities and deny future generations a basic chance for health, happiness and […]