United States of America

Authors: Wood, Darryl

This report considers research on the problem of crime resulting from alcohol and other drug abuse in American Indian and Alaska Native (AI/AN) communities. It provides a review of published […]

A range of legislative models for the delivery of child welfare services to Indigenous communities have developed in a number of countries within different historical and political contexts. In each […]

Justice reinvestment is an emerging approach to addressing expanding prison populations. The merits of the justice reinvestment approach adopted in the United States and the United Kingdom to divert funding […]

Authors: Libesman, Terri

This paper provides a review of child welfare legislation and services delivered to Indigenous communities in Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. While some of the issues and […]

This report provides background notes for two workshops associated with the 2009 Community safety and indigenous peoples conference in Ottawa. Topics for the first workshop, on the main trends and […]

This paper provides a brief overview of current policies, strategies and projects relating to crime prevention among Indigenous communities in Australia, Canada, the United States and New Zealand. The report […]

Family violence mars the lives of a very large number of Indigenous Australians, helping to effectively disable many communities and deny future generations a basic chance for health, happiness and […]

Authors: Echo-Hawk, Holly

ndigenous populations in the U.S. and Paci?c Islands are underrepresented in mental healthandsubstanceabuseresearch,areunderserved,andhavelimitedaccesstomainstreamproviders. Often, they receive care that is low quality and culturally inappropriate, resulting in compromised service outcomes. The […]

Authors: Gottlieb, Karen

This paper oulines lessons learned from the experiences of four tribal wellness courts in the United States: the Hualapai in Peach Springs, Arizona who had both juvenile and adult wellness […]

Authors: Ward, Angela

This paper addresses the debate on Northern Territory mandatory sentencing laws by surveying the regional institutional structures that have emerged in other parts of the world to bind governments to […]