2018-19 Annual Evaluation Work Plan: Indigenous Advancement Strategy


The Indigenous Advancement Strategy (IAS) Evaluation Framework guides evaluations conducted by the Indigenous Affairs Group (IAG) of the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet (PM&C).

The IAS Evaluation Framework defines evaluation activity as a ‘systematic assessment that supports Indigenous Australians, communities and government to understand what is working, or what is not working and why’.

The Annual Evaluation Work Plan (the Work Plan) is a key output of the Evaluation Framework and covers evaluation projects, reviews, and evaluation capability development, which are planned to be conducted by the IAG.

The 2018-19 Work Plan supports a culture of evidence-based thinking and practice, so that evaluation is not seen as a compliance exercise, but one of continuous learning, and an integral and consistent part of program and policy development.

The 2018-19 Work Plan has been endorsed by the Indigenous Evaluation Committee and was approved by the PM&C Executive Board.

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