Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander views on research in their communities


This study is an initiative of the Australian Government aimed at collecting longitudinal data that will help in the development of better outcomes for Indigenous children. One of the first steps in the Footprints in Time project was to hold extensive consultations with urban, regional and remote Indigenous communities across Australia. This report is based on the minutes taken at the consultation meetings. The aim was to capture the voices of the people consulted, talking about what concerns them in terms of their children and their communities, and the ways in which research has been conducted on them before and how it could be better in the future. Section one of the report discusses the key issues that must be considered if the consultation is to provide valuable, insightful data. In section two, Indigenous questions about research participation are discussed. These questions revolve around issues of the who, why and how of participation. In section three, Indigenous questions on the nature and the quality of data are discussed. (Executive summary, edited.)

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