Addressing the 'crime problem' of the Northern Territory Intervention: alternate paths to regulating minor driving offences in remote Indigenous communities


This study examines the incidence of Indigenous driving offending in the Northern Territory since 2006 and assesses the effectiveness of law enforcement in addressing this crime. The research method has a quantitative component which entails analysis of NT Police data on rates of driving criminalisation in the NT, court lists on the proportion of driving offences before local courts in prescribed communities over a random period, court data from two communities (in Lajamanu and Yuendumu), NT Correctional Services data on imprisonment rates for driving offenders from 2006, data from the Road Transport, Department of Justice and other sources on Indigenous road fatalities and injuries. It seeks to ascertain alternative forms of regulating driver safety and whether they are better suited to Indigenous communities. In doing so, it identifies some of the major reasons for offending. It is particularly concerned with driving offences that have increased dramatically since 2006, including driving unlicensed and driving unregistered and uninsured cars. (Introduction, edited)

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