An evaluation of the Koori Cognitive Skills Program pilots : for Corrections Victoria


This report evaluates the Koori Cognitive Skills Program (CSP) for Corrections Victoria. Research has shown that people who get into trouble with the law often have difficulty solving problems in their everyday lives. The Koori CSP has been designed to help Koori prisoners strengthen these skills, to reduce their risk of re-offending. Trialled at three prisons in Victoria, this report had 19 men and five women. The questions posed were: To what extent was the Koori CSP run the way it was designed to be run? ; To what extent did the participants actually learn the skills that were taught in the program? ; What can we learn about this program from the facilitators? ; What can we learn about this program from the prison administration? ; What can we learn about this program from the participants themselves? Based on these findings, a range of recommendations have been made in this report. Our most important recommendation is that the program continues to be supported by Corrections Victoria, and that it be further improved in a number of ways.

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