Circle sentencing in New South Wales : a review and evaluation


Circle sentencing for Aboriginal offenders was introduced in New South Wales on a trial basis at Nowra in February 2002. This article summarises the findings of a review and evaluation of the first 12 months of the trial’s operation. The evaluation reveals that circle sentencing at Nowra has succeeded on a number of levels. It has led to improvements in the level of support for Aboriginal offenders and for victims, has better enabled offenders to accept responsibility for their behaviour, has promoted healing and reconciliation, and has also promoted the empowerment of Aboriginal persons in the community through the involvement of Aboriginal Elders in the sentencing process. There are also early indications that it has helped to break the cycle of recidivism. A survey of the key participants (offenders, victims, lawyers, community representatives and support persons) reveals a high level of satisfaction with circle sentencing. Having succeeded in Nowra, it seems appropriate that circle sentencing should now be expanded to other regions of the state where there are viable Aboriginal communities and offenders with ties to those communities.

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