Closing the Gap: Queensland Implementation Plan 2022


The 2022 Implementation Plan continues to document how the Queensland Government is addressing the Priority Reforms and socio-economic targets in the National Agreement on Closing the Gap. It also reflects a strengthened focus on the Priority Reforms, building on the foundations and learnings from the inaugural Implementation Plan.

The 2022 Implementation Plan includes a greater focus on the establishment of partnerships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander partners to drive implementation of the Priority Reforms.
Additionally, there is a greater focus on the interrelatedness of the socioeconomic Targets, and they have been grouped together to provide a more holistic and strength-based approach.

Queensland’s 2022 Closing the Gap Implementation Plan is in two parts. This document provides examples of initiatives that contribute to the four Priority Reforms under the National Agreement, and a summary of effort to address the socio-economic Targets. The companion Closing the Gap Implementation Plan Attachment provides further details of government initiatives by agency that contribute to the implementation of the National Agreement.

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