Enforcement Operations Koori Strategy: 2008-2010


Enforcement Operations is the enforcement arm of the Infringement Management and Enforcement Services business unit within the Department of Justice, consisting of Sherriff’s Operations and the Infringements Court. The infringement system is an administrative method for dealing with minor criminal offences, where a person alleged to have committed an offence has the option of paying a fixed penalty rather than going to court. This process benefits offenders by being a more convenient and less costly process, and also avoids a recorded conviction. The implementation of the Enforcement Operations Koori Strategy represents Enforcement Operations commitment to contributing to the wider justice system response to addressing the over-representation of Koories in the criminal justice system. The vision is to develop a new way of engaging with Koories to assist them in meeting their infringement obligations as early as possible in the infringement process. This strategy encompasses the following objectives: meeting infringement obligations; building the evidence base; policy alignment; early intervention; enhanced options; working collaboratively; and increasing confidence. In addition, Enforcement Operations has adopted a statement of principles to underpin the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the Enforcement Operations Koori Strategy.

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