Mediation: Cultural Healing through Community Healing: The Mawul Rom Project


Wukindi rom is a way of practising dispute resolution, mediation and peace-making among the Yolngu people. Mawul rom is the application of the principles to the Dhurili Clan, to match customary and balanda law. It is based on mediation, the rights of all parties to express their views, to negotiate outcomes and arrive at solutions. The Mawul Rom Project aims to create a leaning experience through workshops to promote this mediation as a way of achieving justice in Aboriginal communities.
These are the PowerPoint slides used as the basis of a conference paper presented at the ‘Cultural healing in criminal justice service delivery: an identification of best practice and innovation to inform further service design’: National Indigenous Justice CEO Forum held in Brisbane in 2007. They contain a series of talking points outlining the Mawul Rom Project, which aims to train people in mediation, conflict resolution and leadership from two cultural perspectives, but they do not provide any weighty analysis or discussion.

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