Meeting challenges, making choices : the Queensland Government's response to the Cape York justice study


This government document sets out the Queensland Government’s response to the Cape York Justice Study (2001) by Justice Fitzgerald, which found serious problems relating to alcohol and violence in Cape York Indigenous communities. The Qld Government established ‘Meeting Challenges, Making Choices’ (or MCMC) as a 2002 plan for the Qld Government and Indigenous communities to work together to address a range of issues affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland, including reforms relating to alcohol interventions, the transferring of liquor licences to community based boards, liquor zoning and the expansion of Community Justice Groups who will develop their own Alcohol Management Plans. The Government plan also involved the implementatopm of strengthened child protection measures, including a range of sporting and recreational programs tailored specifically for young people; a Safer Communities Strategy, including night patrols, enhanced community policing and innovative alternatives to sentencing; a Community Governance Improvement Strategy; and economic development, health, and education initiatives.

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