Port Lincoln Aboriginal Adult Conference Pilot: Review Report


This report presents the results of a review of the Port Lincoln Aboriginal Adult Conference Pilot conducted during 2007/2008. The pilot aimed to involve members of the community and victims in a conference so that the defendant is aware of the harm done as a result of the offending; to encourage contrition and reparation; and to provide the Magistrate with better information to facilitate constructive sentencing options. There was a positive response from all stakeholders regarding the conferencing process. It was found that the Pilot had achieved all but one of its stated aims and all stakeholders were very supportive of the continuation of conferencing in Port Lincoln. This report is divided into a number of sections. Part one provides a brief overview of the Aboriginal Conference Process, while part two provides a profile of the conferences held up to June 2008, including number of defendants, victims and participants, the sex and age of defendants and the offences involved, conference recommendations and sentence outcomes. Part three of the report is a summary of stakeholder responses, and part four summarises the key issues identified during the review. Part five provides an overview of the aims achieved and part six lists a number of recommendations to consider in any further implementation of Aboriginal conferencing beyond the pilot phase.

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