Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement Phase 2 (AJA2): A Partnership between the Victorian Government and the Koori Community


The first phase of the Aboriginal Justice Agreement (AJA1) was launched in June 2000 and was reviewed four years later. The review recommended that Government and the Koori community renew their commitment to the Agreement by developing its second phase (AJA2). This document describes that re-commitment. The Aboriginal Justice Forum established a steering committee to oversee the development of the AJA2 in 2005. Its membership emphasised the continuing partnership between Government and the Koori community in addressing Koori over-representation in Victoria’s criminal justice system. AJA2 contains a range of initiatives which operate along the spectrum of the criminal justice system – from programs that encourage the participation of Koori young people in education and employment, right through to programs that aim to influence the behaviour of offenders in custody and thereby reduce the risk of further offending post-release.

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