What is the outcome of reporting rape to the police?: Study of reported rapes in Victoria 2000-2003: Summary research report


The ‘Study of reported rapes in Victoria 200-2003: summary research report’ released by the Victorian Government is the first extensive analysis of police investigations into rape offences in Victoria in more than a decade. While it is Victoria-specific, the report is of wider interest because of its detailed findings on the outcomes of reporting rape to the police. The report provides particular insight into those cases that enter the criminal justice system and are filtered out; this is valuable information that is not usually widely accessible. The research analysed 850 rapes reported to Victoria Police over three years, and contains findings on the characteristics of victims who reported rape the characteristics of offenders, and the characteristics of the assault. In this article, the author discusses the background of the study, its aims and methods, and then provides an abridged summary of the main findings in relation to the outcomes of cases, the relationship between case characteristics and case outcomes, and cases involving diverse groups. (Introduction, edited.)

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