What works to overcome Indigenous disadvantage: key learnings and gaps in the evidence 2010-11


The Closing the Gap Clearinghouse was established by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) to bring together evidence-based research on overcoming disadvantage for Indigenous Australians. The Clearinghouse provides access to a collection of information on what works to improve Indigenous people’s lives across the building blocks of early childhood and schooling, economic participation, health and safe communities. The Clearinghouse systematically analyses and synthesises this evidence. This paper provides policy makers with key findings about what works and assesses the gaps in the evidence. It also sets out progress of the Clearinghouse towards its objectives in its first year of operation. The Clearinghouse has identified overarching themes for successful programs in overcoming Indigenous disadvantage. Notably, these findings are highly congruent with views of significant Indigenous and non-Indigenous stakeholders, community development principles and ‘common sense’ approaches. They are also consistent with the ‘Service delivery principles for programs and services for Indigenous Australians’ (set out in Schedule D of the National Indigenous Reform Agreement, effective February 2011).

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