Wiyi yani u thangani (Women's voices): First Nations Women’s Safety Policy Forum Outcomes Report • November 2022


The Wiyi Yani U Thangani First Nations Women’s Safety Policy Forum (the Forum) was held virtually on 12 September 2022. It brought over 150 participants together including First Nations community members, practitioners, researchers, specialist experts and government participants to consider how to address the root causes and drivers of violence, as the government prepares to deliver on its commitment to develop a standalone National Plan to End Violence against First Nations Women and Children. The Forum was designed as a self-determining space, where First Nations women could speak on their own terms, drawing on their expertise and lived experience.

This Outcomes Report is a contribution to setting out the pathway for transformational change, sitting alongside the long journey of advocacy of First Nations women, centuries past and present. The Report primarily deals with context setting and the steps required for how to move forward in designing effective plans and policies to end violence. At the heart of this Report, is the deep recognition of the importance of First Nations women’s lives, diverse strengths and knowledges in constructing societies of care, safety and wellbeing for women, children, men and all of society.

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