The Young Offenders Act 1997 (YOA) created a hierarchy of sanctions designed to divert young offenders from the court system including warnings, police cautions and youth justice conferences. The aim […]

While police cautioning and police referred conferencing are widely used throughout Australia, there has been little research on their impact on Indigenous young people. Limited evidence suggests that Indigenous young […]

The Committee received evidence relating to children and young people in juvenile justice centres. This chapter of the Committee’s report covers the legislative framework for young offenders throughout Australia; numbers […]

This is the final report of a project funded by the Criminology Research Council. The original title of the project, in the names of Dr Anna Stewart and Dr Susan […]

Authors: Calma, Tom

This report provides an investigation of early intervention and diversionary practices aimed at preventing offending behaviour in Indigenous young people with a cognitive disability and/or a mental health problem. Specifically, […]

This report sets out the evidence supporting the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth (ARACY) Report Card on the wellbeing of young Australians. The ARACY Report Card is unique, […]

The NSW Attorney General’s Department has undertaken a statutory review of the Young Offenders Act 1997(NSW), which is required to be reviewed every three years. This report brings together the […]

Authors: Stacey, Kathleen

This report presents the findings of an external evaluation of the Panyappi Indigenous Youth Mentoring Project, which is a mentoring service for young Indigenous people who experience multiple problems that […]

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young people are substantially over-represented in the juvenile justice system in Australia, and this over-representation is highest in the most serious processes and outcomes – […]

Authors: Cappo, David

The South Australia Police Operation Mandrake highlighted the very significant issue of serious repeat offending by a small number of young people. This report considers serious youth repeat offending in […]