Authors: Hudson, Sara

For many years high Indigenous incarceration rates in Australia have called for numerous ?solutions?, yet the percentage of Aboriginal people in custody has continued to rise, nearly doubling from 14% […]

As a result of increased advocacy for justice reinvestment in recent years, the Australian Legal and Constitutional Affairs Committee is conducting an Inquiry into the value of a justice reinvestment […]

On 26 November 2012, the Senate referred to the Legal and Constitutional Affairs References Committee the matter of the value of a justice reinvestment approach to criminal justice in Australia […]

This research brief examines the concept of Justice Reinvestment as it was developed and is currently understood in Australia, the United States of America, the United Kingdom and New Zealand. […]


Justice reinvestment (or ‘JR’) is a framework that emerged in the US around two decades ago. JR aims to decrease imprisonment in those communities from which comparatively high numbers of […]

Australia has alarming levels of incarceration of Indigenous peoples. The problem has not been adequately addressed since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, particularly in a climate in […]

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Abstract In recent years, the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and Queensland courts have sought to rely on a range of ‘diversionary’ practices such as youth justice conferencing and cautioning as […]

Publishers: Australian Law Reform Commission, ALRC Reports, 133

In 2017, the Attorney-General of Australia launched an inquiry into the reasons for over-representation of Aboriginal and Torres St Islander people in prison in Australia. The Law Reform Commission developed […]

This report considers vocational education, post release support and, significantly, innovative strategies to better address the issue of Aboriginal recidivism. However, while this report found that there are significant successes […]

Authors: KPMG

KPMG estimates the changes in Bourke during 2017, corresponding to the operation of the Maranguke Justice Reinvestment Project, resulted in a gross impact of $3.1 million (with operational costs of […]