Call for Authors

The Indigenous Justice Clearinghouse (IJC) invites expressions of interest from experienced researchers or policy makers for the preparation of six upcoming publications:

  • The role of self-determination in the criminal justice system (Research Brief or Current Initiative Paper);
  • The role of local authority models in responding to crime and violence in Indigenous communities (Research Brief or Current Initiative Paper);
  • Best practice for engaging with Indigenous people experiencing intergenerational trauma (Research Brief or Current Initiatives Paper);
  • Implementation options and evaluation of integrated service model responses to address family violence in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities;
  • Increasing bail options/opportunities to reduce Indigenous incarceration at early stages (Research Brief or Current Initiative Paper); and
  • Indigenous adolescent use of violence in family and intimate partner contexts in Australia, New Zealand, and comparable international jurisdictions (Research Brief or Current Initiative Paper).

IJC publications are 3,000-4,000 words long and provide an overview and analysis of critical Indigenous justice issues in Australia and New Zealand. IJC publications are written in an accessible format for policy makers and those working in the Indigenous justice field. IJC publications include examples of programs that are working to reduce Indigenous incarceration and keep communities safe. Each publication attracts a payment of $5,000.

The IJC is a joint project of the Law, Crime and Community Safety Council and the Australian Institute of Criminology. The IJC is hosted by the NSW Department of Justice in Sydney. The goal of the Clearinghouse is to share knowledge about what works to address Indigenous criminal justice issues. IJC publications are widely distributed to public servants and those working in the Indigenous justice field.

Interested authors should email for the project’s terms of reference. The closing date for expressions of interest is Sunday, 8 September 2019. Expressions of interest should demonstrate your expertise in the area and be accompanied by an overview of the research brief.

Indigenous researchers and policy makers are warmly invited to apply.