Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute

This research is concerned with the phenomenon of Indigenous homelessness in Australia. The project aimed to examine the definitions and constructs of ‘Indigenous homelessness’ found in the literature and to […]

This report analyses Indigenous homelessness in the contrasting settings of major cities and regional country town centres. Findings indicate that while the system of kinship obligation prevents much primary homelessness, […]

The policy research aim of this research is to understand the place, house and home needs of Indigenous peoples and how to address these needs through housing and other service […]

Indigenous clients who receive support through Tenant Support Programs to sustain their tenancies, are linked to external support programs to meet their non-housing needs and avoid homelessness. This study identified […]

A key feature of housing careers in Australia has traditionally been the strong correlation between life stage and dwelling type. The non-Indigenous expectation in general terms has been one of […]