D'Abbs, Peter

The Northern Territory exhibits a high level of alcohol consumption, and Katherine is no exception. It is relevant to note that almost a quarter of their population is indigenous, and […]

In order to combat the increasingly adverse impacts of alcohol consumption on Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island every person in the region, Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, must hold a permit to […]

This report presents interim findings from a study of petrol sniffing prevalence in a sample of 41 Australian Aboriginal communities, drawn from nine regions located in Northern Territory, South Australia, […]

This major review of both the published and unpublished literature on petrol sniffing in Australia examines features of successful strategies for dealing with this complex problem. It explores the context […]

This review examines published and unpublished literature about interventions designed to combat volatile substance misuse (VSM), defined as the deliberate inhalation of a volatile substance in order to achieve a […]