Day, Andrew

Publishers: Department of Justice

This report offers an overview of research that has been conducted in the area of Indigenous mental health, particularly as it relates to the mental health of those who come […]

Prison industries represent an important component of service delivery for correctional administrations around the world and yet there have been few attempts to articulate the specific role that they play […]

There is now a substantial amount of published literature describing the range of programs and interventions that have been implemented in an attempt to improve aspects of community safety. Only […]

Authors: Day, Andrew

This paper discusses the application of the ‘what works’ approach to the rehabilitation of Indigenous Australian offenders. It suggests that those from Indigenous cultures may not share some of the […]

Drawing on research conducted with Canadian Indigenous offenders and Australian Indigenous offenders, this paper applies the Risk, Needs and Responsivity Model of rehabilitation to Indigenous offenders. While the paper focuses […]

The first part of this study reviews the ‘what works’ research literature on the rehabilitation of young offenders; compares this evidence based practice with current service delivery in juvenile justice […]