Harris, Mark

Authors: Harris, Mark
Publishers: Department of Justice

The Koori Court first sat at Shepparton on 7 October 2002, following the passage of the Magistrates’ Court (Koori Court) Act 2002. Six months later the Broadmeadows Koori Court commenced […]

Authors: Harris, Mark,

Within the last few years there has been an increasing trend in Australia towards the recognition of what can be loosely called ‘Aboriginal courts’, more specifically called ‘Nunga courts’, ‘Murri […]

This literature review investigates models of shared care of illicit drug use in Australia and international primary health care systems, including models such as methadone maintenance, detoxification and needle exchange […]

Authors: Harris, Mark

The Koori Court model that has been established in Victoria in 2002 arose as a direct consequence of the Victorian Aboriginal Justice Agreement, which was designed to ensure, among other […]