Jeffries, Samantha

In Australia, research investigating Indigenous differences in sentencing is limited. This study examines the impact of offenders’ Indigenous status on the decision to imprison and length of imprisonment in South […]

Internationally, sentencing research has largely neglected the impact of Indigeneity on sentencing outcomes. Using data from Western Australia’s higher courts for the years 2003-05, we investigate the direct and interactive […]

This paper reports findings from statistical analyses of Indigeneity and lower court sentencing in New South Wales and South Australia from 1998 to 2008. The aim was to explore the […]

In their statistical analyses of higher court sentencing in South Australia, Jeffries and Bond found evidence that Indigenous offenders were treated more leniently than non-Indigenous offenders, when they appeared before […]

This study examines sentencing outcomes for Indigenous and non-Indigenous adult offenders convicted in the lower courts of South Australia, New South Wales and Western Australia between 2005 and 2007. The […]