A pilot exploration of a family home visiting program for families of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children : report and recommendations : perspectives of parents of Aboriginal children and organisational considerations.


As a result of the adopted model of the Family Home Visiting, in which nurses conduct home visits with Indigenous Cultural Consultants for Aboriginal clients in South Australia, all families now receive home visits within the first few weeks of their child’s life. Families identified as needing additional support will be offered ongoing assistance up to the child’s second birthday. The Family Home Visiting Aboriginal Research Partnership was formed in 2006 to help explore two research aims; the perceptions of the program amongst families with Aboriginal children and the suitability of qualitative methodologies in a longitudinal study of Aboriginal children’s development. This report addresses the first of these aims by outlining the experiences of families and selected staff and management within the program, intended to inform current and future use in South Australia and beyond. Positive feedback about the program was given by most families, who generally saw the program as convenient, responsive and empowering. The significance of a cultural consultant and Aboriginal staff as role models was also highlighted, as was the level of accountability and dedication that staff demonstrated to families. Future research will need to establish whether the long term outcomes match these positive early stage evaluations.

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