Early intervention : diversion and youth conferencing - a national profile and review of current approaches to diverting juveniles from the criminal justice system


This report provides a national profile of diversionary processes at different stages of the juvenile justice system across Australia. The study involved site visits to each state and territory, and established that the concept of diversion is widely used throughout each of the eight Australian jurisdictions. The report profiles police cautioning of juveniles on a state by state basis, including different approaches to police cautioning; juvenile conferencing by state and territory, including an overview of the common elements of the conference process, the evidence on conferencing and recidivism, and other impacts of conferencing; the use of bail as a diversionary program in various states, including approaches to reducing the number of juveniles being held in detention on remand; and a small number of more limited and focused diversion programs in individual states. A separate section addresses the implications of diversion for Indigenous juvenile offenders.

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