Juvenile justice

Authors: Pheeney, David

The evolution of bail laws in New South Wales (NSW) is critiqued in the context of public debate, political comments and competing interest groups. It is argued that over the […]

The Rudd Government’s Australia 2020 Summit has been widely reported on, yet the voice of young indigenous Australians has not often been heard. In this article, the National Indigenous Youth […]

This report provides an estimate of the annual cost savings to the Western Australian Government of proactively diverting young offenders from the court system and from detention in remand in […]

Authors: Waite, Graham

The Commonwealth and Northern Territory Governments signed an agreement on 27 July 2000 to enable the diversion of juveniles from the criminal justice system and to provide for joint funding […]

Prepared for the New South Wales Minister for Juvenile Justice as a strategic review of the juvenile justice system, this report identifies and describes effective practice in juvenile justice. Changes […]

This report is part of the National Assessment of Australia?s Children?s Courtsproject. The history and functions of the NSW Children?s Court and its programs, including those focused on Indigenous children, […]

This article presents the findings of recent research involving stakeholders in the Children’s Court of Western Australia (CCWA). This research found that the needs of Aboriginal children and their families […]


The NSW Department of Communities and Justice (DCJ) engaged Inside Policy to design and implement the evaluation of the Youth Koori Court (YKC) process. This report captures the final evaluation […]

Authors: Cunneen, Chris

When the ‘Bringing them home’ report was released in 1997, the focus was very much on the issue of the moral and legal responsibilities for past government policies of forced […]

Authors: Cunneen, Chris

While there have been some progressive changes in Australian juvenile justice in recent years including developments in youth justice conferencing, more consistent and widely available diversionary options, and a longer […]